Here come the brides. Make room for the grooms.

brides_homepage“[Marry Me Gay]…put a little gay in this gala.” —The New York Times

MARRY ME GAY is a video company that specializes in commitment and wedding ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples—and for straight couples who want a wedding video that focuses on their story. Created and directed by award-winning TV and film professionals (and members of the LGBT community), our broadcast-quality commemorative DVDs or videos can be cherished forever.

Capture your special day and the spirit of your union—from the traditional to the flamboyant—all with your personal touch. We’ll make an elegant wedding movie, a glamorous reality-television show, or a campy documetary so fabulous, you’ll squeal with delight every time you watch it.

MARRY ME GAY was created by Emmy-winning TV director Nancy Swartz to suit the specific needs of the LGBT community. Gays and lesbians are cultural trendmakers who have always been at the forefront of style and taste. MARRY ME GAY brings that same fabulous panache and sensitivity to your event.

grooms_hoomeNews & Reviews
• Featured in the New York Times article, “A Different Kind of Gay Marriage Debate”

•  Featured in The Advocate

• HX magazine “Site of the Week”

• MARRY ME GAY had the honor of filming the civil union ceremony of Sirius OutQ radio host Larry Flick and his partner Shane in New Jersey.